Purple Heart Gallery & Framing

​art * FRAMING * custom mirrors * CANVAS PRINTING  * decor/gifts


Pieter Van Heerden was born and raised in Gauteng, South Africa and at the age of approximately 40, painted on canvas for the first time. Immediately this new hobby inspired him to master the art of painting. Lots of time was spent on private art classes and after 6 years, he began painting professionally in 2000. Everyday was spent painting, trying different painting techniques and investigating what type of art was in demand. A few years later his name was known in the industry and sales increased, which gave much needed financial breathing space. A huge breakthrough came from an art gallery in Johannesburg, which bought all his paintings for a year and provided a fixed monthly income of sorts. Clients from America, Europe and Australia have all purchased work through his website. Marketing and selling his art direct to the public at different venues like art festivals, home exhibitions and online brings him in direct contact with clients. Today he is a contented artist and has this to say: “Was the change to art and all the hard work and sacrifices worth doing ? Definitely! I am doing something that I am passionate about and earning money from it. The only regret I have, is that I never started with art earlier in life…”